Join the 5-Day Conversation Script Facebook Group and learn how to conversation scripts for children with Autism!

Have you been struggling with how to help your Autism students engage in social conversation? If you notice that your students are missing out on many social opportunities, and you are stuck where to help your students, this 5-day conversation script challenge is for you! By the end of the week, you will have a conversation script developed for your student.

I will be doing Facebook LIVES to show you the Evidence-based practices behind how to use develop and use a conversation script with students.

This challenge will help you feel confident how to implement and coach staff on using a conversation script with your students.

Each day you will have a mini-challenge to help you have a visual conversation script that is customized for your student. Hit the pink button to sign up today!

Teach me all about how to use conversation scripts in speech therapy!

P.S. This challenge will have GIVEAWAYs. Each day you could win something to use with your students. SLPs that participate in all five challenges will be entered to win $100 Amazon gift card, and $100 worth of speech therapy activities!

Ready for the 5-Day Conversation Script Challenge?

This challenge is for busy SLPs that want to learn how to us conversation scripts to help students participate in social conversations. By the end of this conversation script challenge, you will have a script ready to go to use in therapy!


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Who's behind this challenge?

Felice Clark is a school-based speech pathologist that loves helping busy SLPs find ways to engage their students with materials that are motivating and aligned with their target goals.

Felice runs the website where it is her passion to help SLPs learn how to manage their caseloads with confidence, so they can leave work feeling successful.

She enjoys showing SLPs how to adapt materials, provide engaging ways to teach evidence-based practices, and support SLPs with implementing push-in services.

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