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During the month of December, I love doing 12 Days of Giving for my hard-working rockstar SLPs.

I plan giveaways and exclusive free resources just for my community of rockstar SLPs as a way of saying "Thank You" for support each year.

It is a privilege to serve this community with therapy ideas and resources that will help you engage your students and have more confidence in managing your caseloads. 

Check out the schedule to your right! For each day, a giveaway is planned. Just go to my Instagram, Facebook, IG Stories, email, etc. to enter the giveaway or get your emailed goodie!


Look out for an email with all the details about the 12 Days of Giving starting on December 1st. A holiday Elf Movie Google Slides should also be in your email inbox after you sign up!

The 12 days of giving will start on December 1st. Head to the scheduled platform each day to find out what the giveaway or exclusive free resource is for that day. The 12 days of giving will end December 12th and the two grand prize winners will be announced on social media on December 14th. When you sign-up for this event, you are automatically entered for the grand prize. You will also get updates via email throughout the event.

Ready for the 12 Days of Giving?

I can't wait to celebrate rockstar SLPs! When you sign-up you are entered at the chance to win $500. You will also get an email with a special free exclusive resource (check your spam or promotions folder.) Throughout the 12 days, you will get some emails with reminders about giveaways or free exclusive resources for you.

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Who's behind the 12 days of Giving?

Felice Clark is a school-based speech pathologist that loves helping busy SLPs find ways to engage their students with materials that are motivating and aligned with their target goals.

Felice runs the website where it is her passion to help SLPs learn how to manage their caseloads with confidence, so they can leave work feeling successful.

She enjoys showing SLPs how to adapt materials for themed-based therapy, and building confidence with implementing collaborative services.